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Holiday in the city may prove to be one of the best ideas to spend these few days of free time. But it is important to well choose the city, guided by its tourist values, but not only. Each city is also a story, a certain atmosphere, magic and charm. It is good to look first in the guidebooks, this city, which provides the magic, the spell is close to our expectations. So carefully to prepare for the journey, you can only gain. Because we have knowledge of the city, we know what to see, what to visit and what we do not need to pay attention, because it is not unique.

Interesting to visit the city is certainly Bucharest. It is the capital of Romania, the city is located on the river Dambovita. This is an extremely beautiful and attractive city, with a very interesting history, which also is its remarkable and undeniable tone. However, one should know that this story is not the only reason for paying a visit Bucharest. There are much, much more.
The first mention about the existence of Bucharest come from the fifteenth century. The medieval roots of the town have the same testify to the fact that a lot of it has passed, and a lot to tell. The city became capital in the nineteenth century, and it is to this day. The last two centuries, however, have to Bucharest a very significant impact. It was so strong that the city became even not only the formal capital of Romania, but also its cultural and media center.

The history of the country, the history of Bucharest is basically presence in the city. It gives a person familiar with the great and traditional structures that penetrate each other epochs. In addition to the beautiful, traditional historical monuments, you can meet buildings typically socialist, or modern. The city was changing, it was under the influence of currents and different ages and political situation, and it’s all very clear in every corner.
Currently, the city is in a phase of economic prosperity and economic development, which is also very visible and noticeable during the stay.
It is good to think about the moment in which we want to choose to go to Bucharest, to the most able to take advantage of this visit. Why is this so important? Well, it is a zone of continental climate, so the summers are there very hot and winters cold. Thus, the best time to choose is between them, moderate.
You should also make a list of places worthy of a visit and events in which you wanted to take part. Such planning will allow up to economically utilize the time and spend it the most active, as soon as possible.

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