Budapest – good place for weekend

Budapest travel

Longer weekend is very good opportunity to travel to any decent location. It is even a lot easier now, when we are able to travel for a song using small, airline companies offers. If you like to rest in another location, you can go to the Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Which attractions in there are the most interesting?

Mode of transportation

Hungary is a country situated in the southern-east Europe, about ten hours from southern border of Poland. That is why the best idea to travel there is to book an airline ticket. Surely we may also use train or a bus, but not everybody like to waste so much time for a trip like that. Most of bigger Polish airports are offering flights to Budapest, but you should book a seat couple months before the flight to get the most reasonable price. With earlier planning we have also a chance to find nicer and cheaper accommodation. We can book a hotel online, using special website for that.

Amazing architecture

BudapestThe capital of Hungary used to be very important city on the map of Empire of Austria, we can still notice it in the architecture of Budapest. The central area of old town is filled with amazing monuments, like the Fisherman Tower for example. It is beautiful, Romanesque Revival castle, with lovely towers from which you can admire amazing panorama. Close to this building you can find a tall hill with an amazing Royal Castle at the top of it. This building was a headquarter of local overloads, it was rebuild many times during past centuries so it is very eclectic. At the another side of Danube river you can also see some interesting monuments. Main attraction is Hungarian Parliament, beautiful, classical building with huge square in fro of it, which is popular meeting place for citizens and travelers.

Another attractions

As a capital Budapest is filled with all type of attractions, especially during the summer you shouldn’t get bored in this city. If you like to cool of, you can visit a local terms, huge aqua park with natural, hot water swimming pools and other attractions for children and adults. Also zoological garden is very interesting place to visit during the trip. This object was renovated couple years ago, it is filled with beautiful animals and another attractions like pubs and restaurants. Another good idea is to visit National Gallery in Budapest. Thanks to that you will be able to admire interesting pieces of the best, Hungarian artists. And at the last day you can go to the Great Market Hall, place filled with all type of shops.

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