Where to travel for holidays in 2018?

In present times, vacation planning is really comfortable, cause trips aren’t expensive, we have plenty of options to select. On the other hand, because of so big number of alternatives sometimes we have difficult time to select one, perfect destination. If you are planning your future trip some of suggestions below you may find interesting.


Maybe typical vacations for most of us are taking place on the beach, however there are many tourist which prefer sightseeing, than laying on a beach. Scandinavian countries, like Iceland, Finland or Norway for example, are perfect during the July and August. Weather is even better than in Poland during the spring, there are only few rainy days and a lot of sun. Especially Iceland is a bit exotic, in a northern way. This small country is famous because of very charming architecture in Reykjavik and many miracles of nature. In Norway you may discover beautiful, historical Oslo, and take a tour around the fiords. 


One of the most popular city in there is Barcelona, however also southern part of country, Andalusia region, is very great, and also a lot hotter. You can travel to Malaga or Seville, two amazing, medieval cities, with plenty of monuments from times of Muslim domination. But Spain is not also on the area of continent, you can also go for a trip to Canarias Islands. There are situated close to the northern shore of Africa, that is why perfect weather is available in there almost during entire year. The most popular are Tenerife and Gran Canarias, islands filled with wild nature and amazing, colonial architecture. 


Another country we may visit on the continental or island’s side is Greece. Almost each part of this land is filled with ancient monuments, so vacations in there won’t be boring for sure. If you like to be inside of a big city you can visit Athens, situated next to the sea shore. You will find in there Parthenon, one of the finest, ancient artifacts. If you better like to spend simple, cozy holidays, choose some out of many isles. Crete, Corfu or maybe Rodos? each is really popular right now, also thanks to the Polish travelers. But do not forget about Lesbos, situated close to the Turkish shore. 

No matter which place you will choose for your holidays remember to organize entire trip very well. Of course trip from travel agency is a lot more convenient, however it may be even two times more expensive. Fortunately thanks to the internet it is not a big deal to book a hotel and flight.

February 11th, 2018 by