The best monuments in Paris

Paris travel

The capital of France is probably the most popular travel destination in Europe. Each year millions of people from all around the world are visiting Paris, looking for nice architecture, plenty of cultural events and a lot of other attractions. If you are about to visit this amazing metropolis for the first time, you better get to know about the best monuments in there.


ParisEntire Paris is filled with beautiful buildings founded in many different epoques. The true symbol of the city is Eiffel Tower, modern construction, founded in the late nineteenth century. It is very tall tower made from the steel, you can visit the top of it, using stairs or elevator. At the second floor you will find a glassy floor, you can see everything trough it! Another important place in this metropolis is Notre Dame cathedral, beautiful, Gothic church, situated in the older part of Paris. Inside, you will find very rare examples of Gothic interior design. Another nice building, also temple, is Sacre Coeur basilica. It is situated at the top of Montmartre hill, it was founded in the beginning of twentieth century in Romanesque Revival style.

Art galleries

In the past, Paris was inhabited by many popular artists, that is why you can still see in it galleries plenty of nice paintings. The most popular is Louvre, former residence of kings, now a home for plenty of exponants. It is popular because of Mona Lisa masterpiece and a huge collection of Ancient Egypt’s artefacts. Another fascinating exhibition you will find into d’Orsay Museum. Even if you are not familiar with art you will notice a lot of popular paintings by Picasso, van Gogh, Manet and a lot more. Inside this gallery you shouldn’t miss an exhibition of Art Nouveau’s interior design. People, who better like the newest art should go to the Pompidou Centre. All artists which are important nowadays has their collection inside.

Another attractions

If you like to see a neighbourhood, where popular artists, like Hemingway or Modigliani used to live in Paris, go to the Montmartre. It is very important, historical part of the city, filled with beautiful, small mansions. Close to the main subway station Pigalle Square is situated. On this area many of vintage theatres were opened in the golden age of burlesque, like Moulin Rouge for example. On Montmartre you will buy the best souvenirs, area is filled with vintage and book shops and art galleries. From the top of a hill of the same name you will be able to admire amazing panorama.

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