The best seasons to plan Your holidays

Nowadays when plenty of people are organizing their holidays by themselves, it is very important to know, which destination will be the best in a current season. Sometimes it is difficult to schedule everything perfect, especially if we are travelling with bugger group of people. Here are couple of popular destinations and a the best dates to visit each.


You want to explore the fiords of Norway? Admire the white nights in Iceland? Or do some sightseeing in Helsinki, Copenhagen or Stockholm? You should travel to the Scandinavia during the summer! Those areas are filled with fantastic monuments, and sophisticated landscapes, but during most of the years countries are dark, and very cold. However July and August are even warmer and more sunny than Polish spring, the weather is perfect for sightseeing. If you like to travel there for a song, try to book some proper option in cheap airline carriers offer, at least half a year earlier.

Canarias Islands

This amazing group of tropical islands belongs to the Spanish country, therefore you can go there only with ID. It is situated close to the African shores, so even during the winter the weather in there is fantastic. That is why this location is perfect if you like to catch some sun in the December, without spending too much money on transportation or accommodation. The most popular islands in there are Tenerife and Gran Canarias. Both has amazing colonial architecture and national parks with wild nature. 

Greece and Italy

Both if this countries re one of the most favorite destinations of Polish travelers. If you like to visit it, you should avoid July and August, for many reasons. First of all the prices of flights and accommodation will be higher then ever, even if you book it couple of months ahead. Those months belong to the hot season, so prices are higher cause carriers and hotel owners know, that they will sell the offer anyway. Also, because of this popularity you will have to face plenty of other travelers wherever you go, it may be a bit annoying. That is why travel to Greece or Italy during the low season, like June or September. In southern countries like that those months are still very sunny, warm and cloudless. You will rest a lot better, cause beaches won’t be so filled with another tourists. Also you will spend a lot less money. Plane ticket can cost you half a price of a flight on hot season. The same is with accommodation, hotels are offering huge discounts in low season.

February 3rd, 2018 by