Best ideas for holidays in 2018

At the start of new year, after long and cold winter, we are beginning to think about future vacations. We are dreaming about the tropical destinations, where we may rest and recharge our batteries. But which destination is especially worth to be visited in the Europe and a world? Here are the best ideas for your future, summer trip.

Canarias Islands

Those amazing settlement of isles, situated close to the southern coast of a Africa, is really popular among Polish travelers. The most famous islands are Gran Canaria and Tenerife, you can find multiple travelers there, almost each month a year. The weather in there is typical for an exotic island, so you can go there in a winter for example. And do not be worry if you don’t have a passport, Canarias Islands are part of the Spanish country, therefore citizens of European Union needs only an ID. Cities of Canaria are constructed in the colonial style. In the center of each island you may explore wild and beautiful nature.


This is another nice country in the Europe, which you may enter without any passport. Even if Georgia is not a part of EU, they banned this document for a citizens of Union, to fasten the travel business. Te best locations in there is Tbilisi, the capital, and Batumi. First tow is filled with beautiful architecture from many periods of time. It is also good place to taste typical, Georgian cuisine. They are eating a lot of vegetables, so even vegetarians will be pleased. Batumi is a typical sea shore resort.


The coldest countries in Europe, like Iceland, Denmark or Norway for example, are very unpleasant during the spring, winter and autumn. However during the summer each one is really warm and lovely. So if you like to explore countries totally different than Poland you need you go to one of those. In Iceland you may contemplate the white nights, and explore amazing nature. Norway is popular because of local fiords and amazing Oslo. Denmark, Sweden and Finland are even better.


If you are looking for a decent place with amazing food, architecture and weather, go to the Spain. Barcelona is situated by the sea and filled with astonishing architecture of Antonio Gaudi, like Sagrada Familia for example. Madrid is a capital with a lot of Classical buildings and a Prado Museum. Seville is really interesting place for each admirer of a Muslim architecture in Europe. You can travel to each of those destination using cheap, airline companies offers.

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