The best cities in Spain

Spain trip

Thanks to the attractive offers of small, airline companies Polish travelers are able to visit great, European destinations without spending a fortune on a trip. That is why in present times a lot of us may have problem to decide where to go for next holidays. When you’re looking for warm location with plenty of monuments you ned to go to the Spain. Which city in this country is the best?


Even though Madrid is not situated by the sea, still many people are visiting this amazing city each summer. The capital of Spain has a lot of interesting examples of architecture on it area, you won’t get bored in there for sure. First of all you have to take a trip to the Royal Castle, present residence of local royals. Tourists are able to visit part of it chambers, you will find in there phenomenal interior design. One of the most popular place for tourists in Madrid is Retiro Park, filled with areas of green and beautiful, Classical architecture. If you like to see some decent pieces of art take a tour to the Prado Museum to see paintings of Picasso, Dali and Velazquez.


SpainThis Catalan metropolis is one of the prettiest places in the world, thanks to the architecture designed by Antonio Gaudi. The symbol of the city is Sagrada Familia, astonishing cathedral, which is nice combination of Catalan and Gothic architecture. Another nice example of Gaudi’s work is Casa Milla, phenomenal mansion in shape of waves, decorated with colourful stones and pieces of glasses. Entire Las Ramblas, the longest street in entire Spain, was also decorated with this architect. If you like to see some interesting, medieval cloister, take a trip outside Barcelona to the Monastyr, situated in the top of the tall mountain. The panorama up there is amazing!


This sunny city is situated in the southern part of Spain, close to the Africa. It used to be important city during the Arabic domination in medieval times, architecture of Malaga is very interesting. One of the oldest buildings in there is Alcazaba, medieval fortress from eleventh century, situated in the top of the hill, so during the tour you can see interesting panorama over the city. In Malaga, you can even explore the remains of Ancient Rome, in the ruins of Amphitheatre. If you like to see some nice example of sacral architecture, you shouldn’t miss a trip to the cathedral of Malaga, amazing, Renaissance building, close to the Alcazaba. You have to enter this church to be able to admire amazing interior design.

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