Travelling across the Europe

Nowadays, people in Poland are a lot more wealthy, thanks to huge development of our country. In present times we are able to travel whole around the continent without spending a fortune on it. Plenty of travelers, mostly young ones, are happy to have a longer trip around the finest countries in Europe. Which destinations you shouldn’t miss?

Exotic Spain

This interesting country is one of the warmer in entire Europe, that is why it is very popular among Polish tourists. If you are going to travel there, do not miss a chance to visit Barcelona. This fascinating city has very sophisticated buildings, designed by brilliant, Catalan architect, Antonio Gaudi. The most popular work of him is cathedral of Sagrada Familia, nice mix of Catalan and Gothic style. Another nice building is Casa Milla in a shape of a waves and covered with colorful stones. Another nice city in Spain is Madrid, the capital. Even if it is not situated by the sea, still it is very popular among the travelers. in Madrid you may visit Prado Museum, one of the biggest art galleries in the world. It has amazing collection of Velazquez, Picasso, Dali and more.

Sophisticated Italy

Another fascinating place for a trip across the Europe is Italy. It is also very warm place situated by the sea. The most important is Rome, the capital. Go for a tour around this metropolis to see amazing, Ancient buildings. The most popular is Coliseum, the symbol of Rome and Italy. It used to be a theatre buildings, now only ruins remains. Another nice example of Ancient times is a Parthenon, former temple in shape of a circle, with amazing interior design. A lot younger building, but also very important, are Spanish Stairs. Close to this area you will find a lot of vintage coffee shops, where plenty of important artists used to spend their days, back in nineteenth century. Another important city in Italy is Florence, true pearl of Renaissance architecture. |During the seventeenth century it was the most important city in this part of Europe, ruled by Medici family. That is why you can find in Florence the Uffizi Gallery, the biggest collection of Renaissance artists.

Baltic countries

Of you better like to go for a trip by a car, you can visit the Baltic countries, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Each one can offers a lot of interesting attractions, especially architectural. Go for a trip to the Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, the capitals of a countries. Also it is very short way from the seashore in Estonia to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. You only need to go for a trip by ferry.

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