Nice time in Krakow

The idea for the weekend? The idea for the holidays? It is often difficult to decide something. One of the interesting ideas for a holiday is a trip to an interesting city. It is good to choose a city that actually has something interesting to offer, has something do, to see or to experience. Otherwise, it will be just wasted time that nothing raises. Well selected city on vacation, it’s interesting views, interesting places to visit and explore, and nice time. Such experience can certainly propose to Krakow.

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Located in the southern part of the country. It was once the capital city, but, because of the very peripheral location it was changed. The capitol became then the Warsaw city, which lies in central Poland and is a capital by now. Despite this, Krakow still can be considered as one of the cultural capitals of the country, its history and monuments are so unusual that the city simply enchants.
While in Krakow, you can not miss the central market of the city with its cloth hall. Located centrally, monument of Adam Mickiewicz is already a cult place, in which all people meet. The monument of Adam Mickiewicz is a meeting point for all tours, youth and students of Krakow. In its vicinity are beautiful hall and the church of St. Mary with the tower, where every day won a bugle call. It also is the key places of the city. St. Mary’s Church is one of the most important sights of Krakow. As for the bugle call, according to tradition, the bugle call player was shot with a bow at the time of his play and since then, his remembrance, a bugle call is suddenly interrupted, always in the same place. Krakow
Of course, Krakow has also Wawel Castle. The castle was home to many excellent and well-known Polish kings. This is where the most important decisions were taken in the history of,not only Polish, but also of all central Europe. Today, there are numerous tombs of the most famous and recognized Poles. This whole place is steeped in history and this is its magic. Being in Wawel you can feel, in a kind of sense, what felt the people there, the people living in those days. You can, kind of, touch a history.
It is a city, which is relatively popular tourist destination, so it is not difficult to find there interesting and very attractive accommodation facilities. Krakow is a place where you can stay in both elegant and chic hotel, as well as a cozy and climate pension. During the day, however, you can sample local specialties in the many pubs in the old town.

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