Two faces of Geneva

Switzerland is well known for banks, clocks, cheese, armed neutrality and swiss guards. Also it is attractive tourist destination – during the winter, a lot of people from all around the Europe, are coming to Swiss Alps for ski. On the other hand, in the summertime many tourists prefer urban landscape – most popular city is Geneva.

Two Worlds

Geneva is naturally divided, into two parts, by Rhone river. Left side is old town, cozy and charming. You will find there St. Pierre Cathedral, where first preach of John Calvin took place. You can climb 147 steps on top of it, to see beautiful city panorama. If you get thirsty, you should visit Plac du Bourg de Four – it is full of lovely, small coffee houses. On the other hand, right side of the city is more serious – all of banks and financial institutes are situated here. Also you will find there United Nations and Red Cross headquarters, both open for visitors.


Every year in summertime there is Fetes de Geneve – festival known for one hour long fireworks display, accompanied with music. If you like an opera or drama you should visit Grand Theatre de Geneve, beautiful eclectic building with the larges scene in Switzerland. For classic music fans, great place will be Victorian Hall, home of National Orchestra, with a lot of concerts. CERN, a huge science research center, is located on Geneva’s suburbia. Every year, a lot of people from all around the world are here. But remember if you like to visit it, you have to sign on the list half year earlier.


Switzerland is known for tasty meals and great wines. In Geneva, you will find seven restaurants with Michelin stars. You should try on fondue with gruyere or vacherin cheese, raclette – cheese fired on pan, served with jacket potatoes, or rosti – simple, but delicious potatoe cake. Combine it with one of good Swiss wine –  for white wine admirers, the best will be petite arvine and for red one fans – cornaline. This two strain are known only in Switzerland.

Lazy afternoon

If you like to take a walk, you should visit Jardin Anglaise, charming garden with huge, five meters long flower clock, with 7 thousands flowers on in! Take a cruise on Lake Geneve to admire beautiful view on Mont Blanc. If you are near, don’t miss Jet d’Eau, tallest fountain in the Europe (140 meters high) – it is a symbol of the city.

Geneva is a complex city – on one hand it is charming city with beautiful architecture and nature, on the other hand is very important European city with a lot of serious institutions. But one thing is sure – you have to visit it!

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