Travel by plane in reasonable price

After Poland join European Union small airline companies started to create connections from and to our country. Since then Polish people had an opportunity to travel whole around the continent for a penny. Each year even more flights are available from Poland, most of them could be very cheap, but you have to know when to book the flight.

Data is important

Many Polish tourists prefer to tour during longer weekends, connected with important, national fests. However traveling by plane during this term could be very expensive, cause airline carriers have a lot of customers and don’t need to offer any discounts. On the other hand, if you like to have longer weekend abroad, you should consider to book your flights in normal term, when most of the people are working. Thanks to that you can get even 50% discount. The same situation is with Christmas in popular city, like Paris or June and August in Barcelona.

Remember about luggage

When you find flight in reasonable price you need to avoid another, additional costs, like luggage. Most of airline companies, even cheap ones, are offering one bag free of charge, which you can take on board with you. Another piece will cost you even 50 Euro. Unfortunately Skyto carry-on bag you cannot take a lot of items, like things with sharp edges, big bottles of liquid, food and so on. But for longer weekend one, medium size luggage will be great, and it will help you spare a lot of cash. Next irrelevant cost is insurance, you can buy it with your ticket, it will save you from additional costs if you wish to change date of flight or just cancel it. However, in case of cheap flights this option is not necessary.

Last minute options

A lot of destinations in Europe, even those very popular, like Paris or Barcelona, are less desirable during the low season. This is great opportunity for people, who wish to travel for a song. Many of airline companies are offering last minute offers, thanks to which travelling by plane could be even cheaper! It is great option for spontaneous people. Just monitor special pages with the best offers, each day you can find another destinations.

Winter in Paris or Barcelona could be also fine, and the sightseeing is a lot more comfortable, while you are not melting at the sun.

Cheap airlne companies are not always as cheap as we like it to be. However with proper plan we can find amazing deal on tickets, even to very popular cities, like London, Paris or even Tel Aviv.

November 7th, 2017 by