Probably best German city to visit

Many people, while planning their holidays in Germany, make a decision to visit Berlin. Even though Berlin is definitely worth to visit, there are also other cities which are equally or even more interesting. And definitely worth visiting too!
One of those cities is definitely Frankfurt. There are many beautiful sites, plenty of interesting museums and great building. And what is even more important – the city has a very unique and magical atmosphere. One thing is sure – everybody will find something perfect for himself / herself there, as Frankfurt has plenty to offer. Many people, who have been in Frankfurt, say that this city is unlike any other German city. The full name of it is Frankfurt am Main. Even though it is not a capital city, it is often described as one of the most important economic as well as commercial European centre. To emphasize this fact even more, many people called this city “Mainhattan” or “Chicago on the Main” (if you already known that the main river of the city is called Main, you will definitely understand the jokes in those mentioned nicknames!). However, Frankfurt is not only a business centre. In fact, the city has many faces. Apart from the business one, there is also a face of the place which is full of art and culture, as well as interesting history!street-731451_640
One of the main tourist attractions is definitely the famous Frankfurt’s Old Town Center which is called the Römerberg. On the middle of the square there is a Justice Fountain (called by locals by its very long, German name: Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen). It is a perfect place to walk round and admire picturesque buildings and views. There are also many so called Kulturschirn, which are basically the traditional local form of small, open-fronted shops. Once you are there, you should definitely see the Romer, which is a complex of eleven buildings from the 15th to 18th centuries. In the Old Town there is also the Historical Museum (in German known as Historisches Museum), which house objects related to city’s cultural history. It is important to note that Frankfurt has also many other amazing and well-known museums. They are definitely worth to visit! If you plan your trip carefully, you might be even able to visit them for free, as most of them offer a free entrance on one, particular day of the week. One of the museums which are definitely worth to visit is the Senckenberg Natural History Museum. It house the famous exhibition of large dinosaurs, that can be particularly interesting if you travel with children!

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