Summer holiday in Rome

When we are thinking about future vacations, most of the times we are focusing on place with many monuments and a seashore. One of the nicest options like that in Europe is Rome, the capital of Italy. The city is situated about 20 kilometers from the sea and you can go there in reasonable price. What interesting monuments you can’t miss in this ancient metropolis?

Travel for a penny

Since last decade Polish tourists are able to travel for a song to Rome, but if you like to get the nicest deal, you should avoid hot season. Cause during July and August flights are even two times more expensive! However even in June and September Italy is warm and sunny, so you better book flights for this therm. Another good thing about low season is lack of travelers. Hotels and beaches are not so crowded, so you can enjoy your stay even more. Beside, low season is offering also cheap accommodation, not only in hostels, but also convenient hotels, situated close to the beach.


Capital of Italy is not situated at the seashore, so you will probably staying at holiday resorts like Anzio for example. However it took only half an hour to get from there to the center of Rome, so you will be visiting it often for sure. This ancient metropolis has many exhibitions to offer, like Coliseum, true Rome 2symbol of Rome. It was raised by the Roman Empire and ruins during Barbarian times. The best time to go there is after the dark, when building is enlighten by colorful lights. Another important piece of architecture is Pantheon, also relict of ancient word. Inside of it you can see amazing great interior design. At the entire area of old part of Rome you will be meeting amazing fountains, constructed in Rococo and Baroque style. If you are a fan of bohemia atmosphere, you need to visit place in front of Spanish Stairs. There are many different coffee shops, really old ones, which were popular among artists who use to live in Rome. At those representative stairs each year fashion shows are organized.


While being to Rome you cannot miss Vatican, the country of Pope. Even if you are not religious you can enjoy the visit.

The main monument in there is a Sistine Chapel, decorated with phenomenal fresco by Michael Angelo. The church itself is very simple, not like another important temple in Vatican, Saint peter Basilica. This legendary building was the reason why Catholic church was separated during the Reformation. It’s phenomenal mix of Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

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