Top cities in Europe

If you wondering, what to see in Europe, you should rather think what is not worth to visit. It is a continent with probably the most complex history, culture, on which you can find so many trends, styles, rulers, religions, customs and each element of its heritage deserves special attention.If you want to choose the city, such “The best of …” it should be one from the old, first and foremost cities, because they were the backbone of Europe.

Dubrovnik – deeply exploration of the city could take a whole vacation, but even two days makes a possibilities to see a lot. Dubrovnik was named by Lord Byron’s “The Pearl of the Adriatic”. The city has an interesting history, monuments and tourist attractions. Amsterdam – famous for romantic canals and impressive seventeenth-century architecture. Throughout the year in the city are organized numerous cultural events, that is why people who are really into fun will not be disappointed.
KrakówBerlin Рthe city has a rich history, which can be see almost everywhere. Today, Berlin is one of the cultural capitals of Europe. The atmosphere of the city will be enjoy by almost everyone.

Rome – weekend for two in Rome for sure will be unforgettable. The capital of Italy, which is called “The Eternal City” is modern and cosmopolitan. What is more, almost at every turn you can meet the historic buildings. Rome is one of the few European cities that has beed survived the Second World War without big damages, so if you are interested in history and architecture you will certainly not be bored there. Paris – known as the city of love, is the perfect idea to go for people who do not know what to see in Europe. Short weekend in Paris is not enough to visit all the most important places in the French capital, but you will feel the atmosphere of Paris and see some sights.
London – the capital of England for many years has been the most popular place for tourists. In recent years significantly has increased the number of people traveling to the islands of United Kingdom to work, but it is also a large group of people who go there to explore the city. London is an interesting, vibrant city.

Cracow- city full of wonderful sights with the most famous of its, Wawel. It is full of vibrant cultural life and fun, especially Kazimierz, the old Jewish district where the synagogues are located right next to the trendy bars. The main features of the city are beautiful architecture and old charm that can not be forgotten.
Vacation is a time that many people want to spend slowly, for example, laying on a beach in southern Europe. The opposite way for it is a relaxing city break. The idea for the weekend in a European metropolis is a hit for those who like to explore new places in active way.

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