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When I hear Larnaca, I see immediately continental promenade, with rows of palm trees and natural humid air with the scent of sleep. Larnaca is the perfect holiday destination for those who love the sea, water, plenty of sunshine and endless summer. What is so endearing in Larnaca?

As soon as you leave the plane you see the beautiful salt lake, which is a colony of flamingos. Behind the lake is Hala Sultan Takesi, which was built to commemorate the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad. The former views already breathtaking and yet this is just the beginning. At the heart of modern Larnaka can find the remains of the ancient city-state of Kition, being a reminder of his great days. Kition is the birthplace of the philosopher Zeno (hereinafter Zeno of Kition), founder of the School of Stoics. It is also the place where Lazarus came to live your second life after he was resurrected.
CyprusLarnaca has always been associated with Christianity. Bishop of the city was Agios Lazaros, who chose this place after Jesus raised him from the dead. In the center was built church dedicated to him – today we can only admire its remains.

The Stavrovouni monastery is considered to be one of the oldest and richest in the vicinity of Larnaca. His name can be translated as the Mountain of the Cross and his ascent to the top of the mountain we owe to the holy Helena. The location of the monastery allows us to enjoy the unique views in different directions. Unfortunately, the monastic rules forbid women to go inside the monastery, even at the present time.

To Larnaca tourists come from around the world to enjoy walks along the seaside promenade known as Phinikoudes, delicate moist air and the aromas of up nearby restaurants. Here you can rest, relax and forget about all the problems. Phinikoudes beach, which has been designated Blue Flag is one of the places where the most lounging sunbathers. Amateurs yacht probably will follow in the direction of the port, which is located close to the promenade.

The whole area of Larnaca has something to offer to visitors, including Choirokoitia, the oldest Neolithic settlement on the island, Stavrovouni monastery and the famous church Angeloktisti. Being in Larnaca can not miss this unique opportunity to know her character. The best way to explore the wonderful city in Cyprus, which is the Larnaca will be guided walks.

It is impossible to describe in a few words about how beautiful the whole Larnaca and Cyprus all – if you want to get to know its charms you absolutely have to visit it!

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