Prague – great place for city break

When summer has finally arrived, a lot of as are making plans for holidays. We are going to some sea resort, exotic countries, distanced continents. But not all of us can afford for one week off at work. Sometimes we don’t have enough money or time. If you are one of those people, you could just take a longer weekend for some nice European capital. It is great way to visit interesting monuments abroad, and it won’t cost you a lot of money, if you choose to go there by plane. One of the most pretties places in Europe is capital of Czech Republic.

Nowadays, thanks to the cheap plane companies, we are able to book airline tickets Krakow – Prague for a song. It will be much faster journey then by bus or car, and also much more safe. If you search for your ticket wise, you will be able to spare also plenty of money. If you like to go to Prague, you first need to decide when you like your trip to be. If you choose low season, like May or June, you can get tickets even two times cheaper then for July or August. Also, try to book your flight at least two months ahead, to make sure to get nice seats in relevant price. If you like to spare even more money, you can take only carry -on baggage, without checked one. You can fit in there plenty of clothes, even some cosmetics.prague-1290783_640

But if it is really worth to book airline tickets Krakow – Prague? Off course. Capital of Czech Republic is very magical places, filled with phenomenal monuments. You should visit Charles bridge in there, you will be able to buy there plenty of souvenirs, listen to some music, and watch how artist are creating some paintings. Also, do not miss Hradcany, the oldest district in Prague. At the top of the hill in there, you can visit old, medieval royal castle, renovated very well. This city was build in early Middle Age period, so it has typical square in the old town. You can visit there old church of Mary, with magnificent two towers, or former city hall, with amazing solar clock on it. But the Prague is not only about monuments, but also about good fun. You can have nice time at night in some local pub, drinking very tasty beer.

If you like to see some amazing city, you need to book airline tickets Krakow – Prague immediately. If you be wise about that, you can get it for very low price, but remember to take your trip in low season. And city is really worth to be explored. Plenty of amazing monuments, beautiful landscapes, great, local beer, and very friendly people.

July 4th, 2016 by