Lviv – nice place for a weekend

Polish history is very rich. Our borders was changing from time to time. Wroclaw use to be part of Germany, and now, since several decades is part of the Poland. But when we gain this city, we lost Lviv, now belonging of Ukraine. If you like to visit the city of your ancestor, you have great opportunity, since cheap airline companies open connection to this place. Now you can go there in much more safe way then by car, and also couple times faster. Also, if you will be wise, you can spend a lot of money, because there are a lot of discounts on flights to this area.

If you like to book airline tickets Warsaw – Lviv, in very reasonable price, you need to be wise. First of all, plan your trip several months ahead, to have a chance of the smaller prices. Also, if you like to do a lot of sightseeing, you better choose low season months, like May or June. The weather will be fantastic, there will be far less tourists on the streets, and the plane tickets will be very cheap. Beside, in this therms, accommodation will be easier to find, in good location and very reasonable price. Another way to save some cach, is baggage. If you are planning to spend in there only couple days, you don’t need checked luggage. It is extra paid, and you can fit all of your clothes and cosmetics inside the carry – on.
You are probably wondering, if there is something interesting to explore after you buy airline tickets Warsaw – Lviv. Well, it is. This city is very charming, it owns plenty of historical buildings from each art movement, part of them are renovated very well. Lviv is changing each year, back in 2005, all mansions was ruined, and place looks very depressing. But now, thanks to the money from tourism, it is much better. If you like, you can visit in there a Pharmacy Museum. It is situated into authentic drug store from the beginning of the twentieth century. You will be able to admire in there old apothecary furniture, vintage prescriptions, and more. Another interesting place to visit in there is Historical Museum. You will find in there an interior designs from each art movements, paintings of old masters, also Polish ones, vintage manuscripts.

If you like to visit Ukraine, you should buy airline tickets Warsaw – Lviv. If you be smart enough, you can book your flight for a song. Just remember to fallow those rules above and you will be fine. And Lviv is really worth to be seen, not only if your ancestors use to live in here. It has plenty of monuments, art galleries, interesting mansions and churches.

July 12th, 2016 by