Why you should visit Krakow and how to get there?

Krakow is one of the most popular travel destination in Poland. If foreign people know any cities in Poland usually they are Warsaw and Krakow. Visitors from all over the world coming to this second city, the previous capital of Poland, in many opinions more beautiful that the current one. The old town is on UNESCO list what confirms the quality of this city. It is also well prepared for foreign visitors. All general information e.g. in public transport are translated into english. Some of the citizens claim that it’s more common to hear the English language in the street than polish.
What about ways of transport which are allowing people to gain this city? There are fast trains and comfortable buses from other cities in Poland and Europe. Krakow airport is still developing to provide more space and comfort for travelers. In this month new part of the terminal was opened. John Paul II Airport is the only one in Poland which is used by new airlines in Poland.
Despite that, there are no direct flights form Krakow to the USA. Travelers should change e.g. in Warsaw. It is useful to consider going to Poland’s capital with a different kind of transport e.g. car or fast train. The trip is on that long, if you will be lucky it might take only 12 hours. LOTTravelers might also consider to stay in Poland’s captiol for one or two days begore moving to Krakow. It’s worth to check both of those cities, both wonderful but totally different.
Krakow is also involved in dark hisory form II world war. For visitors very interesting might be Schindlers’ museum. This name might be known from the fabulous film “Shindler’s list” It shows how the life in Shindler’s factory really looked like. You should also visit Rynek Underground permanent exhibition. It is situated below the market square of the city and has an area of over 6000 metres square. Another must see object is Wawel castle and olf town. A walk will be enough to fall in love with this city.
Nightlife is also very exciting. There are plenty of pubs, clubs, and bars. Everyone can find something for himself. There is also a custom to meet someone famous in such places. Very often you can meet well-known poet dress like an average person or even homeless. Don’t forget to look for Lajkonik. It’s one of the unofficial symbols of the city. It is represented as a bearded man resembling a Tatar in a characteristic pointed hat, dressed in Mongol attire, with a wooden horse around his waist (hobby horse).
Krakow for sure is a great travel destination. With a bit of a patience you’ll find a suitable way of transport. See you there!

July 20th, 2016 by