Armenia – nice place to visit

We have plenty of different travel destinations available from Poland. We could fly to the United States and visit relatives in Chicago. If we are looking for much more exotic, we can go to the Thailand and have a cruise on elephant in there. But there are a lot of different, less popular but also interesting places on the entire world, and to the most of them we can travel from our country. if you are looking for some old, great city, with huge history and a lot of monuments, you need to travel to the capital of Armenia.

If you like to go there, the best will be to book a flight from Poznan, it is the cheapest. The trip will took like three and a half hour, after which you have to take a bus from airplane to the center of Yerevan. If you like to find some cheap accommodation in there, it is the best too look for it before your trip, using the internet. There are couple different webpages available, on which you will find all possible hotels and hostels in entire world. You can book any room in this website, fast and easy. The only thing you need is a credit card number, just for information, cause you will pay from room after you arrive in Yerevan. To travel to the Armenia you need to have a passport and vise. This second thing you could buy on the airport, it cost about seven euro. armenia-1030517_640

And what is interesting to see in Yerevan? At the airport in Poznan you may buy interesting guide books about this astonishing city.  even if this sity is older then two thousand years, it hasn’t have a lot of ancient monuments. The earthquakes and a lot of wars destroyed everything completely. But because of that, Yerevan is very interesting. After 1918, when Armenia became independent country, it was build from the start. That is why the city is constructed very nicely. Streets are straight and wide, public transportation is really fine. There is even a subway underground. But if you like to see some old, piece of architecture, you should visit Erebuni, the fortress build in 782 BC. Although this is only a reconstruction, it could show you the beauty of old Armenia.

if you are looking for some nice place to visit, Yerevan will be just perfect, especially since we could book flight from Poznan, in very reasonable price. It is very interesting place, with really sad history. But it was rebuild after many years of wars and nowadays, it is very popular tourist spot. Also, if you like to swim in the sea, there is just a few steps from Yerevan to Batumi, one of the nicest cities in Georgia, situated at the sea shore.

June 29th, 2016 by