One week in Paris


Paris is much more expensive then rest of the France. To buy small (0,2l) beer in a bar you will pay at least 3 Euro, for a cocktail from 8 to 15 Euro. Meal in a restaurant cost from 10 Euro. Three stars hotel will cost you 60Euro per night. If you are a smoker you will pay 7 Euro for pack of cigarettes, and you will get it only in tobacco stores.


Capitol is known for galleries with a lot of famous paintings. Louvre, Museum d’Orsay, Museum de Pompidou – it is impossible to get to all of them, the queues are to long. Good choose will be d’Orsay, it contains arts of Monet, Manet, Gaugin, Cezanne van Gogh, Art Nouveau furniture exhibition and so on. it is not as popular as Louvre, so you won’t wait long to enter, and it has more classic arts then Pompidou (modern art gallery).
Eiffel Tower

You don’t want to miss the signature of Paris. You will notice it even from far away, but for better look, it is good to see it after dark, illumination is Fabulous! If you like to admire great panorama of the city, you can climb to the top of tower by stairs (cost less then elevator, and you won’t wait that long). At the second level, you will find floor made from glass, you can see everything through it! Also on this level, you can eat some fast food and drink a beer.
Artistic Borough

One day you can go to the Montmare district (on the hill of the same name), with Moulin Rouge and Church of Sacre-Coeur. It is beautiful place with a lot of old mansions, long, hilly streets, with plenty of galleries, coffee houses and gift shops. It use to be a place with cheap apartments, where a lot of artist use to live. You may have a picnic on the grass in front of Sacre-Coeur, and next to the basilica it is a lovely old-fashioned carousel, you may take a ride on it for 3 Euro.
For families

One hour away from Paris there is a Disneyland. It offer a lot of fun not only for children, some of the roller coasters are scary even for adults. You may eat there some hot meal and buy souvenirs in one of many gift shops. If you planing to visit it, be sure to buy tickets on-line, it is 30Euro cheaper then at the counter.
Paris have something to offer for everyone. Family with children can visit Disneyland, art lover will enjoy time in museum and Montmare will be perfect for couple in love.

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