Tallinn at the weekend?


Although it is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, there is nothing of the museum. The Estonian capital Tallinn is teeming with life, tempting charming nooks and crannies and encouraged to get to know the fate of this country. Tallinn is a city worth visiting even for a weekend.

Tallinn is a unique city. Crossing the walls of the Old Town, you are suddenly in a world of castles, knights and ladies in bonnets. The Middle Ages see at every step – when you walk through the narrow streets, visiting churches, or while You eating morning porridge. You must know that very thick porridge eaten with fruit or jam, served in a clay bowl in one of Tallinn’s restaurant is the best start to the day, you can imagine in Estonia.

TallinnLocked in the old walls of the medieval world owes much to the specific policy of the city. And this is what I like best in Tallinn. Practically, we do not find here, Chinese restaurants vying for customers with an Irish bar or Mexican cuisine. Almost all the restaurants and shops are stylized to the Middle Ages. And this is the thing that contrary to appearances, completely not boring, the climate is actually draws more and more.

Located on the hill old town of Tallinn consists of the Upper and Lower Town. At the Upper Town are the Gothic houses of courtiers, and next to them stand Art Nouveau buildings German merchants. This part of Tallinn for centuries was the seat of government. The castle today is home to the offices of the parliament and the government. The icon of the Upper Town is a 45-meter high tower Pikk Herman and Lutheran Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the oldest church in Estonia. The Russians, who occupied the area for three centuries, proof of its power next to put a huge cathedral Alexander Nevsky. Its golden domes remind us strong in these areas of Russification. While you are in the area, necessarily you have to look at the Kalev Marzipan Museum. Marzipan is one of the symbols of Tallinn. Sweet wonders available at the cafe museum, you can paint the edible paint!

Personally, the most enchanted me unique door houses in the Old Town, which you have to necessarily see for yourselves!

Although Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, there is nothing of the mood of the museum, which exhibits the dead are viewed through the thick glass display cases. Here you can feel the history and touch her – just walk the streets, admire the views, sit on one of the city squares, to pray in one of the historic churches, listen to music.

March 12th, 2016 by