A few days in Georgia


What can I say at the beginning of Tbilisi? Tbilisi – known as the pearl of the Caucasus – is a unique and fascinating metropolis. Picturesque location, original monuments and hospitable people make the city acquires the unique atmosphere of oriental city, lying somewhere on the border between Europe and Asia.

Georgia is not a place for people whose only aim is to sunbathing and doing nothing. It’s also not a place for people who are on a diet and who enjoy physical activity.

So what to do in Georgia, exactly in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is primarily a city full of history, monuments but also bars, restaurants and clubs. Certainly, one day or weekend is not enough time to taste the beauty of this city.

GeorgiaIn Tbilisi, I recommend you visit Narikala Fortress. Not from below, but you’ll see it from many points of the city, but from above. From here you can see the most beautiful panorama of the city at night. You can get a short but fairly steep, walk or cable car, which leaves from the square in Europe. Passing station queue and going further up, you can also see the 20-meter statue of Mother Georgia, a woman with a sword in one hand and cup of wine in the other hand.

In the old town is definitely worth a stroll streets, sit back with a beer and Chaczapuri and of course see the Sioni Cathedral, the main point on the map of religion. The cathedral is kept the most precious relic of the Georgian Church, the cross holy Nino. Legend has it that Christ appeared to the holy Nino and sent her to the Caucasus, to teach the pagans.

Also worth a visit the Peace Bridge, which was recognized as a business card of the city. Peace Bridge, literally and symbolically connects the two sides of Tbilisi – the old town and the modern district, divided the river Kura. The construction of a length of 150 meters is made of glass and steel. It is a bridge accessible only to pedestrians and is very popular among tourists, especially at night. The entire length of the bridge has been installed glowing in the dark diode, through which views the building impresses even more.

Visiting the Tbilisi You can not forget about the ancient thermal baths, which are fed by hot springs of healing waters, already more than 1,500 years impress his guests. And if social life is your middle name, be sure to visit the Shota Rustaveli Avenue – a representative street which focuses on the social life of the city. Avenue is dotted with stately buildings, exclusive shops and restaurants, with a unique density of hotels, souvenir shops and internet cafes.

You need to go there and just see – I can not describe Tbilisi in a few words – you have to see it.

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