Odessa – a magical city

Unfortunately, Ukraine is still not very popular among tourists. Undoubtedly, most of visitors that have visited this amazing country simply fell in love with it and often come back there. However, many people never even considered to visit Ukraine. If you are also in this group, you should definitely change it!
Many people, who decide to visit Ukraine, visit only or mostly Lviv. While Lviv is definitely a city which is worth to be visited and discovered, there is another city, which is less popular but equally interesting. This city is called Odessa. Official sources claim that this is the second most-visited Ukrainian city. And this is the truth. However, most of tourists come from the Russian Federation, as Russian tourists started to appreciate the beauty of this magical place many years ago. However, not many tourists from Europe choose the city as their destination. And this should be changed. Even though that this city is located a little bit further to the East, it is still pretty easily reachable, as it has its own airport and there are many flights to Odessa. This city is an Ukrainian seaport and transportation hub, therefore is much better developed than many other Ukrainian cities. Furthermore, the city is located at the Black Sea and is often described as the “pearl of the Black Sea”. This name perfectly describes the unquestionable beauty of the city.

Once you have your flights to Odessa booked, you can start planning your trip and what to do in this amazing city. And the choice is pretty wide and attractive. For example, you can visit the Odessa Opera Theater, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful operas in the whole Europe! What is interesting – thanks to its perfectly designed architecture, every voice and whisper is perfectly audible in every corner of opera’s hall!  Furthermore, Odessa has the largest network of underground catacombs in the whole world! They have more than 2500 kilometres. Even though only its small part is open for visitors, it will still be an amazing adventure! Furthermore, pretty close to Odessa there is the Dniester Delta National Park. This place is the home for many endangered species of animals and plants. It is simply a paradise for everybody who loves nature! While talking about Odessa, it is impossible not to mentioned about the famous Potemkin Steps. If you are interested in movies, you have definitely heard about them!
As you can see, there are many interesting things to do and see in Odessa. And those are only examples!

September 11th, 2016 by