Armenia – a magical country

Armenia is one of the most beautiful country in the world. However, it is still not very popular among tourists. Therefore, if you like travelling to places where you do not have to deal with crowd of tourists and visitors, this country will be just perfect for you!
If you wonder why it is worth to book flights to Yerevan, this article will give you some answers. First of all, Yerevan is a city full of culture. There are many interesting museums, as for example the Comtemporary Art Museum and the Yerevan History Museum, as well as theaters and libraries. Furthermore, Yerevan hosts amazing festivals. It is enough to mention the Natonal Library Week or the Francophonia which is fully dedicated to French culture. Furthermore, the city is famous for its vibrant nightlife. And it is not only limited to pubs and clubs – during the summer, there is a live music in various parks as well as on the streets around the opera. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Furthermore, Yerevan has amazing architecture. For example, there is the Cascade, a huge staircase from where you can admire the stunning view of Mount Ararat, which is considered to be the most beautiful mountain in the world.  However, these are only examples. There are many other extremely interesting places and sites in the city! However, Armenia is not only Yerevan. Many people claim, that places outside the capital city are even more amazing and fascinating!

Armenia is the first Christian country in the whole world. Thanks to that, you will have a chance to visit old churches as well as monasteries, which are very often located in the extremely beautiful natural settings. Furthermore, Armenia is famous for its diversity of landscapes. You will find there everything from sand beaches, through beautiful forests, to the meadows and high peaks. You need to admit that it is pretty much as for such a small country! There is also the Lake Sevan, which is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the whole world. It is so beautiful and breath taking that is often called the “pearl of Armenia”. It is a perfect destination for a weekend trip. Furthermore, people who have visited Armenia very often say, that people in this country are the most friendly and welcoming people they have every met!
As you can see, Armenia has plenty to offer for every tourist and everybody will find something great for himself / herself there. Therefore, if you have not been there yet, you should definitely do it as soon as possible. Maybe you would book your yerevan even today?

September 23rd, 2016 by