Nice place for holiday? Choose Turkey

Nowadays, people in Poland have plenty of various tourist destinations available. After we became member of European Union, we are able to travel to another European cities, and even other continents, for a penny. All of that thanks to cheap airline corporations, which opened their connections in here. If you are looking for decent place to visit, you need to consider one of the most magnificent countries, situated at the south border of Old Continent.

To book cheap flights Turkey, you don’t need to search a lot, just you need to be wise about that. Cause even in small airline corporations, you are able to overpay for your ticket. To avoid that, first of all, you need to select correct date. Most of the tourists are traveling there in hot season – July and August. That is why, in this months, your trip will be expensive. But during June or September, weather in there is also very warm, even nicer, cause it is not so hot. Also, you will be able to book cheap flights Turkey. Also, if you really like to save some money, choose this carrier, which is offering you medium size carry-on baggage. In that case, you won’t need to pay for a checked one. This date has also another good aspect – there is fewer tourists everywhere, so you will have a chance to really relax yourself.east-frisia-982207_640
But which destination you should choose, if you like to select cheap flights Turkey is very big country, but you better travel to Istanbul, the capital, and the biggest city in there. It is a place where three great civilizations met in the past centuries, so there are plenty of monuments to explore. Also, it is situated at the seashore, so you will be able to lay on a beach all day long. If you are planning longer, two weeks holidays, you can also take a tour to a south parts of the country, to get to know more about it culture. You can rent a car, to travel from one village to another, and getting know all about habits of local citizens. You will taste delicious cuisine, which is hard to find in more tourism Istanbul. And because you are choosing cheap flights Turkey will have much more to offer for you, cause your pocket money will be bigger. But don’t forget to learn anything about their culture, before your journey. Muslims are different then us, so it is very easy to upset them, mostly about our clothing, especially outside the tourism resorts.

Turkey is the best place for all travelers, who like to enjoy magnificent water in the sea, and also explore some monuments – for that is Istanbul. On th other hand, don’t miss a trip to south part of the country, to get to know their habits.

September 6th, 2016 by