Hamburg – the city of museums

Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany. Most of the people actually know it. However, many people do not know something else about this city – it has range of extraordinary and extremely museums. If you like museums, you will definitely fall in love with Hamburg. Therefore, you should definitely visit this city.
The choice of museums in Hamburg is very wide. The easiest way to even describe them, would be to divide them into museums connected with the rich and fascinating history of the city and country, and to the museums connected with different subject. Among the museums from this second category there is for example the Spicy’s Museum. In fact, it is the only spice museum in the entire world!  If you visit the museum, you will have a chance to see over 800 exhibits and become familiar with many interesting facts about spices, as how they were transported, ways in which they have been used and so on. You can also smell as well as touch them. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect place for everybody who likes cooking, food and new tastes!  Another museum strongly connected with food is called the Chocoversum Schokoladen-Museum. If you go there, you will attend the amazing 90-minute tour. During the tour, you will understand how cocoa beans grow, how they are collected as well as processes, and how they are used to create delicious chocolate. Furthermore, you can try various chocolates, and even make your own abr of chocolate if you wish! Doesn’t it sound amazing?mountains-1448521_640
When it comes to the first category of places – connected with history, you should definitely visit the Memorial Site Neuengamme Concentration Camp. During the Second World War, this former brick factory, was used as a concentration Camp. In fact, it was the largest concentration cam in the northern Germany. On the 60th anniversary of its libertion, this memorial site was officially opened. Nowadays, you can see there a several exhibitions and fifteen buildings that were serving as concentration camps. Thanks to this, you will be able to get familiar with and understand the difficult and sad history of the concentration camp, its liberation and people who died there.  There is also the BallinStadt Auswanderwelt Hamburg, also known as the Museum of History of Emigraton. The building used to be a place where emigrant to the USA was provided with the accommodation. In the museum you will have a chance to discover the history and reasons of 5 million people, who emigrated to the United Stated via Hamburg.

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