Most important reasons for visiting Rome

Rome is definitely one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the entire worlds. Because of that, plenty of tourists and travellers make a decision to visit this unique city. Many of them fall in love with this place and come back there regularly. If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely change it. Below there are main reasons, why you should visit this magical city!
The first and main reason on the list is the fact, that Rome has extremely interesting and fascinating history. No wonder about that – this city used to be a capital of the famous Old Roman Empire. The Empire had an enormous influence on the European culture, but also on the entire world. The Roman Empire was one of the most significant empires within the entire world history. What is so amazing about Rome is the fact, that you can still admire plenty of things and buildings, that have left from this fascinating period of the city. One of those outstanding historical place is definitely the famous Colisseum. However, there are also many other sites and places that remind about the Old Roman Empire and – what is even more amazing – there are open to the public! Once you are in Rome you can visit the remains of the old Roman City and get an insight on how the city used to look like and how the life used to go there. Furthermore, Rome is also very famous for its architecture. It is also strictly connected with the already mentioned history of the city. Romans are famous for various architectural structures, including  such arched construction as well as aqueducts. Furthermore, Rome houses 12 UNESCO heritage sites, including Pantheon, Navona Square, St Peter’s Square, Spanish Steps as well as already mentioned Coloseum.

Rome is also famous for outstanding museums that host the most famous and well-known arts . Definitely, the most famous museum is the Vatican Museum. In fact, it is the  fifth most visited museum in the entire world!  However, there are also many other amazing museums in Rome, as for example the Capitoline Museums, the National Museum of Art as well as the National Roman Museum. When talking about Rome, we cannot forget about food and beverages. Rome is famous for excellent wines! In the city you can find the best wines from all over the world. However, if you want to enjoy the true local wine, you should go to one of the wine shops, where you can discover many types of truly Roman wines. Italian food is famous all over the world, and the capital city, Rome, seems to be the best place to try it!

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