A journey to Big Apple

New York - taxi

Since there are available cheap flights from Europe directly to New York, more and more people are spending their holidays in United States. Journey lasts for couple hours, and after it, we can enjoy the beauty and splendor of Big Apple. For some people it could be overwhelming, cause the city itself is very huge. But after one day, we are getting use to it, and walk trough wide, busy streets is nothing else but a pleasure. There are couple of many tourist attractions, you must to see during your holiday in New York.

Signature of the City

Although Statue of Liberty is not situated directly in the city, but in the middle of a harbor, it is not only signature of New York, but of whole United States. It was a gift from French people as a proof of their collaboration during Revolutionary War, where their helped Americans against English people. At the top of statue, there are three viewpoints open for tourists. You will see there a spectacular panorama above sea and the city.

A meeting place

Another cult venue is Central Park. It is huge green area in the middle of New York, with plenty of fountains, lawns, benches, and large lake in the middle. Citizens are spending their time here, mostly at weekend, having picnics on the grass, jogging, meeting with friends and family. Very nice thing about this place, is that from every district in the city is relatively close ti it. New York is a city worth visiting. A lot of events and artistic happenings are taking place in here, you have to visit it at least once during your vacations.
New York

Urban Jungle

Another characteristic thing about New York, are skyscrapers. There are over dozen of buildings taller than one hundred meters. Most popular are Chrysler Building, Empire State Building (both from 30’s), and One Trade Center (the tallest in the city), build at the same spot where Two Towers use to stood. Where are you having bout trip over the sea, you are able to enjoy beautiful view at these tall buildings over the harbor.


United States are known for it low prices of food. You are able to buy yourself a huge meal for less than ten dollars. Of course, the cheapest are fast food restaurants, but once a year, during your trip to New York, you are allowed to it something not healthy. Big Apple is filled with all kind of restaurants, at every corner of the street you will find at least one. Steak houses, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free or Raw – there are all kinds of cuisines, everyone will find something for himself.

Visiting New York city is one of a lifetime experience. It is a big, magical place with plenty of other cultures, tall buildings and friendly people, it is really worth to be seen.

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