Longer weekend in Kiev

This ancient city, create in fifth century, is capital of Ukraine, and also the bigger town in this country. It contain plenty of historical architecture and heritages. If you are traveler who likes to walk a lot, searching for some lovely old buildings, and visiting museums, Kiev is the right place for you to see.

Orthodox Churches

City as old as this is, have many old buildings situated in landscape. Most of it are churches, Orthodox ones. They are a signature of Kiev, sacral architecture enthusiasts, from all around the world, are coming here to see thisĀ  colorful ancient buildings, with plenty of Saint’s portraits inside, oldest were painted in eighth century! Also interesting is Wydubicki’s Monastery, it is nunnery dedicated to St. Florence. It is beautiful, Baroque building, even person not familiar with art will enjoy it. Because of all this buildings, Kiev is known as “Second Jerusalem”.

Cherszczatyk’s street

This promenade, build three hundred years ago, is one of the most popular street in the Europe, and is also the longer in Kiev – 1,2 kilometers. This place was always center of political, cultural and artistic life in Ukraine. First street car, telephone line, cable network – everything begins in here. It is Kiev response for Hyde Park in London and Elysees Fields in Paris – all artists and politics were seeing each others here, during their every day’s walk. You will find here a lot of exclusive boutiques, elegant restaurants and coffee shops and a lot of gifts shops.

KievCultural evenings

Kiev is also a scene for many festivals and events. Every year in October, International Festival of Documentary Films named “Docudays”, is taking place in here. It is very controversial, because of nature of movie – a lot of in are concentrate around political situation between Ukraine and Russia. In the same month you can be a part of Jazz festival in Kiev. It is very interesting event, musicians from all around the world are playing their songs in here. If you are into vogue, don’t miss Fashion week, also in October.


If you are staying in Kiev for a weekend or longer, you have to try their delicious food. If you like sweet & sour combination, try Borshch, signature of Ukrainian cuisine. It is soup of beets and vegetables, served with sour cream. After it, order Varenyky, dumpling stuffed with boiled potatoes, fried onion and bacon, also served with sour cream. For dessert try Pampushky, cakes similar to donuts, filled with jam.

If you are planing longer weekend in Kiev, you won’t be disappointed. It is charming, historical city with many attractions for travelers.

April 19th, 2016 by