Why you should visit Tokyo?

Wondering if it’s worth a visit even Tokyo? If you still have doubts, today I have for you few reasons that speak for the fact that it is worthwhile and even necessary!

The first reason is the skyscrapers. As befits the capital, lovers of architecture and marvel at the views ubiquitous skyscrapers. For some, you can enter and from the last floors You can admire volcano Mount Fuji. The tallest building in Tokyo is Tokyo Skytree.

You can also visit Tokyo for sumo – the Japanese national sport. The best time to see for yourself how the battle between wrestlers is january, may or september.

A trip to Japan can not take place without a visit to Asakusa – a district in Tokyo, which is the most famous and oldest Buddhist temple of Senso-ji Temple in the city.

When you plan a trip to Tokyo, you should choose the time around December 23 or January 2. This is an opportunity to see with their own eyes the imperial couple. Publicly they show up only twice a year – in December – when the emperor’s birthday – and in January, to greet the New Year.

In no other place has as many restaurants have been awarded Michelin star. Food in Tokyo is not only unique in taste but in a serving. If you want to select the best three-star restaurant you should definitely visit – Koju, Joel Robuchon and Quintessence.

Japan is also a country of fish, so if you’re a fan of fish and seafood, you absolutely have to visit the biggest fish market in the world. It is a paradise for chefs, collectors, but also those who simply want to make sure that they are buying fresh fish. Of course you can eat there sushi!Tokyo

What is Tokyo?

It is colorful, always talkative, extremely friendly for residents and tourists city. Colorful neon lights in Tokyo, after dark, light up the city, making it a different world.

Tokyo is also the capital of fashion. So many colorful and elegant and at the same loosely dressed people in Europe we can not meet. Like the top clothing brands, which for a long time will not open their shops in Poland.

It is also worth mentioning Akihabara – definitely the place for men. District called the electronic city is a mecca for lovers of the latest technologies. Place obligatory to visit while you explore Tokyo. There you can spend the whole day in search of dream equipment or spend many hours in one of the many Pachinko parlors, where on several floors, in endless rows, there are hundreds of slot machines.

A trip to Tokyo will certainly be pleased – even if you do not know what to do next, you can count on the citizens of Tokyo. They are discreet, smiling and extremely accommodating. Thanks to them you will reach everywhere. They are helpful even when you do not need.

March 27th, 2016 by