Weekend in Riga

I suggest you start your tour of the Town Hall Square, in the middle of which is a statue of the patron saint of Riga – Roland, symbolizing the power of the medieval town and security trade. Behind the monument is one of the most famous buildings of the city – House of the Blackheads, and next to it referring facade house Schwab. On the opposite side of the square is the town hall. Modern twist Town Hall Square is a long, black building in which is the Occupation Museum and in front of which stands a monument to Latvian Red Riflemen.
One of the most interesting monuments of the capital of Latvia is the church of St. Peter, whose origins date back to the year 1209. It was built in the Romanesque style, later it was rebuilt in the style of Gothic. At the tower, at a height of 72 meters, there is a vantage point from which you can admire the city skyline. Inside the church are particularly noteworthy are numerous epitaphs and commemorative plaques and the Baroque tomb called the Tomb of the Blue Guard.

The most emblematic buildings of the city should be Cat Townhouse, with two symmetrical towers decorated by statues of cats in positions suggesting a settlement of physiological needs. Visiting the old town not to mention the Cathedral Square of the housing on the enormous Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

RigaAnother interesting monument is located on the Castle Square fourteenth-century Riga Castle, over the years, rebuilt several times, now acting as the seat of the President of Latvia. The castle is also the Museum of the History of Latvia, the Museum of Foreign Art and the Museum of Literature and Art. Leaving the Castle Square, the Castle Small street you can walk to the adjacent medieval houses called “three brothers”, so named because of its resemblance to the buildings of Tallinn, bearing the name “three sisters”. Today, inside the “brothers” is the Museum of Architecture Latvia.

Another worth seeing place is the Livonian Square and located on the historic buildings Guild – Small Guild with a distinctive, decorative tower and Great Guild, which is for many centuries seat of the merchant guilds of the Virgin Mary. Now it is houses of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Riga also has a different face, a modern city, dominated by the highest TV tower in Europe, with a height of 368.5 meters. Big impression on visitors makes the suspension bridge over the Daugava, considered the largest of its type bridges in Europe. We can also find the accent well-known Poles – Riga Palace of Culture and Science, which is reminiscent of the twin building in Warsaw.

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