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Holidays in Turkey can be a very interesting adventure, provided that they will be planned accordingly. Not planned vacation can make a lot of things that we can not see, visit or experience. Going abroad, planning your vacation in the city, you should consider what activities and entertainment that are available to you and what to do to be able to have the maximum benefit way. You never know when the second time will be a chance again to choose this city, which is why its best knowledge will certainly be to the benefit.

And so, choosing Turkey you rather not miss the capital city, Ankara. This is the most popular direction of travel. It usually happens that the capital city is the most visited place by tourists. It is a good way, however, to slightly expand the list of locations planned to visit and choose also to go to Istanbul. Istanbul is the largest and most populous city in Turkey, at the same time is one of the most important centers in the country, both in terms of cultural, economic, and financial.

Geographically, Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus strait, which makes visiting the city, can be a combination of architectural sightseeing and admiring stunning views straight from the nature. As Turkey lies on the border of two continents, the conventional line had to be somewhere appointed. It just runs through Istanbul, which is undoubtedly a tourist attraction. The western part of Istanbul is in Europe, and East in Asia. It can therefore be standing in the right place, to be on two continents at once. One foot in Asia, one in Europe. Instanbul

In terms of climate, the city is in the zone of influence of the Mediterranean climate. This means that the summers are warm and moist. In contrast, winters in this climate are cold, rainy and often snowy. It is worth to know that when planning your trip to Istanbul.

Istanbul has a very rich and interesting history, which has its roots dating back to the third century AD. You know this town, so do not delay and book your ticket. It was then, that the city was founded and gained for itself the name of Byzantium. Since then, over the years and epochs undergone numerous transformations and changes, becoming a zone of influence of various cultures and various civilizations that very often it is not spared.

It is a city which definitely deserves a visit. In addition to traditional, old buildings and structures through which speaks the true, living history, the city can also find numerous skyscrapers, and office buildings, which are an expression of modernity and progress. This city is very rapidly developing economically and culturally. Its tour makes a gigantic impression and leaves an incredible memories.

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