Green Prague welcomes everyone

In the center of bustling Prague lies some wonderfully landscaped gardens with interesting architecture, providing not only spectacular views of Prague, but above all peace, relaxation and rest. A popular place for walks is also a botanical garden and zoo extending exceptional circumstances of nature.

The first of the beautiful green places is the Royal Garden which is historically the most valuable of the castle gardens, was founded in 1534 by Ferdinand I of Habsburg inspired by Italian designs. Contemporary shape refers to the English park of the mid-nineteenth century. Garden of Eden spread out in front of the southern façade of the Castle. We have the ability to enjoy the captivating views of Mala Strana and Old Town. On the southern slopes below the Prague Castle extends a complex of interrelated historical gardens. Admire them can be surrounded by statues of terraces with balustrades, staircases and secret passages, numerous fountains and water jets or representative baroque parterres flower. Popular alternative is also the Prague Zoo. Located in a unique location is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. The rich terrain allows up to 10 km long walks among exotics, including the House of African, prague-674856_960_720Indonesian Jungle and Elephant Valley. This wonderful piece of nature is a popular destination for a trip and not only for families with children. Quite close to the zoo is also Petřín Hill, which is one of the largest urban green spaces, and its slopes are an oasis of calm in the center of Prague. It is especially picturesque Rose Garden on a hill and the Kinsky garden and Seminar garden with more than two thousand fruit trees. Carpathian wooden church of St. Michael is a unique local architecture. If you want to visit a place that for centuries brings joy to residents should visit the garden opened already in 1898 and gradually built here greenhouses, ponds and large rockery. These parts, along with other external exposures formed today in the center of the cozy green angle breathable atmosphere of old times. It is advantageous when we also want to show our children the history of this beautiful city. You can visit also Athens, it’s nice city too!

Prague has many beautiful places. Many of them are located in conventional guides. Very good idea to meet in the evening with the locals. It is they who know the most about this city. From them we learn the various curiosities, stories and secrets. By the way, will show us where you can eat well and cheaply buy unusual souvenirs.

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