Belgrade after hours

If you are making some businesses down in Belgrade, spending couple days on it, for sure you have some spare time for you. Don’t sit idly in your hotel room, go on tour around town. Don’t worry, war is gone for a long time, you will find out how beautiful this city is, and how much you can see, in a short period of time.

Go for a walk

First go to Kalemegdan, fortification from XVII century, surrounded by beautiful park on small hill, with spectacular view on Danube river. At the same highland, you will see sculpture named Pobiednik, commemorating soldiers from the Great War. Nearby, the Skadarlija street is located. This 400 meters road is known for Yugoslavian bohemia. It is full of galleries, gifts shops and coffee houses. In the past, Jimi Hendrix, George W. Bush and Josip Broz Tito was visiting it. When you are there, don’t miss Knez Mihailova avenue, beautiful place with many eclectics Mansions, from XIX century. In Belgrade, you can find one of the biggest Orhtodox church ind the world, dedicaded to St. Sawa.

Get to know about Serbia

In Belgrade you will find couple of museums, where you can taste some history. Not just Serbian, or even Yougoslavian, but goes back to Romanian times. In National Museum, you may admire canvas of local classic painters. Ethnographic Museum is divided into two parts – first contains objects of Serbian material culture, second one gathers paintings of modern artist such as Andy Warhol Joan Miro and Ivan MeŇ°trovic. The most famous is Museum of Aviation – there are over 200 planes, most of it are from World War II.


For lazy ones

If you are not in a mood for walking, and you just want to have some fun, Belgrade has a lot to offer. In summertime, on Ada Ciganlija (penisula on Sawa river) you will find many attractions. You can go for a swim, take some golf lessons, play beach ball, even do a bungee jump. At the end, you can grab a cold beverage in one of many coffee houses. Capitol of Serbia is also known for it city life. After dark, you can go for a drink to one of many pubs and bars, situated in the center of the city.

Grab a snack

Don’t feed yourself only in hotel restaurant. Try some regional food in one of local restaurants. Serbian cuisine is interesting mix of Turkish, Mediterranean and Middle-European food. The most popular meal is cevapcici – mincemeat served with onion and white bread. Also try pljeskavicy, grilled, mince beef with regional spices. If you have a strong head, try slivovica with your meal, but remember, it is 60 % alcohol by volume!

Business trip don’t has to be boring. Epecially when you are in such a interested city as Belgrade. You will have here a lot of fun, but you need to leave your hotel room first!

April 26th, 2016 by