Beautiful moments in Chisinau

Traveling to exotic places can be an excellent idea for a holiday. You do not need to resort to any of nowhere, you do not need to go somewhere in the wilderness. You can either select the appropriate city, which with its charm and its character will surprise and enchant. The less it is a city popular, evident in terms of tourism, this may prove to be more interesting experience and survival. This unobvious city is, for example Chisinau.

Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. Etymologically analyzing this name, it is incredibly beautiful, charming and above all fantastic. Once exploded the word “Chisinau” we get a reference to the words “new spring”. Of course, the name was given because of this, that the city was actually built over a spring that is still alive in town. However, to put it a little more poetically, the name is not only significant, but also simply beautiful.

Chisinau was built in the fifteenth century. So this is a very old city. Its history was extremely rich and dynamic, such as the history of the whole Moldova. Country several times participated in armed conflicts, and after that was under the rule of the stronger powers. Moldova lost its 20independence and autonomy repeatedly. Finally, in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moldova became an independent country, with its capital is in Chisinau.



Chisinau is located in the lowlands, almost in the center of the country. It is also very interesting orchestrated and planned. Namely, this is one of the greenest capitals in Europe. Of course, this effect is obtained by a plurality number of trees which are relatively densely planted. Thanks for that, however, Chisinau really looks beautiful and amazing.

The city lies in the zone of continental climate. This means that the summer is dry and hot. Temperatures that are recorded in summer are typically 25 °, but there are also higher, such as 35 -40° C. Winters however are cold and windy, temperatures are below zero, but probably not exceed -10°. Spring and autumn are now the most moderate temperatures, although the sector is much more rainfall than in other seasons.

Chisinau is full of monuments, mostly from the nineteenth century. These are very impressive and unusual buildings and entire complexes of buildings. Extremely important there are also a variety of cultural institutions, such as cinemas, theaters and museums, which are very numerous in the city. With it you can not only have a great time for the whole day, but also beautiful and interesting evenings.

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