Beautiful and charming Beirut

Holidays in the city may be one of the more interesting and more imaginative ways of how to spend your free time. Most important thing is, however, an appropriate choice of the city to which we go to rest. That’s what the city offers places, that can be visited there and what attractions are available for visitors, is of paramount importance. Therefore, the direction of your travel must be carefully considered. A very interesting idea to go may be for example, Beirut.15

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. It is a city that its history dates back more than 5000 years ago. By then, it was a subject to the influence of many different events, civilizations, cultures and religions. Over the years, they have been shaped in many different ways.

Geographically, Beirut is located on a peninsula overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. With three sides surrounded by mountains, which significantly affects the type and appearance of the building. As for the beaches, they are available in both, the wonderful sand, and very rocky with steep banks. Particularly, noteworthy here are Pigeons Rocks, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean.



As for the climate, which undoubtedly has implications for spending vacation in this city, it is a Mediterranean climate. It is characterized above all a hot and very humid summers, moderate and mild autumns and springs and very rainy and cold winters. Maximum temperature is 29 °, and she falls in August. The lowest recorded temperatures reach 10 ° and fall in February.

You should also pay attention to the city itself. It is very diverse, rich, varied and unusual. In the center, all the buildings are similar, honey color, which introduces a feeling of harmony and peace. For this clean and well-maintained streets heighten mentioned impression.

It is worth to visit, located at the Beirut, American University campus. It is very beautifully arranged, green and has an interesting architecture. The city center is modern and carefully designed and planned. In its vicinity, is present a large number of churches of different denominations, which does not prevent them co-exist side by side.

Noteworthy is also destroyed part of the city, which was not rebuilt after the Civil War, as its memorial and kind of warning against further action. Contained therein buildings left in such a state as found after the war. Among the buildings are located in both houses, which was once homes and hotel Holiday Inn, which is in a particularly tragic condition. The whole city is very interesting and encouraged to explore, so book a flight to Beirut! The more that the city is so diverse and varied.

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