You should head East this summer!

Many people, while planning their holidays, focus mostly on capital in the Western Europe. There are various reason that might be responsible for this situation, such as better infrastructure, commonly known tourist attractions and so on. However, it is extremely worth to consider different direction. Cities on the East, even though not that popular among tourists yet, have plenty to offer for travellers. Furthermore, there are cheaper than those in West, so might be a perfect holiday destinations for everybody, who looks for a little more budget holiday.

One of the possible destination is Odessa, one of the main Ukrainian cities. Odessa has plenty of interesting and exciting attractions to offer for tourists!  Among them are those famous sights as Potemkinski Stairs, Deribasovska Street and  Primorsky Boulveard. But there are also many other places to see! For example, you can visit network of underground catacombs, which is the largest one in the whole world! It is as long as 2500 km (only small part is open as a museum) and has an extremely interesting history. Built in 19th century, was used by partisans during the Second World War. Odessa has also many interesting museums. One of them is Jewish Museum of Odessa. Even though it might be seen as a little ‘old fashion’ museum, it is definitely worth to visit as presents interesting and hard history. You should also visit the Odessa Port, which is located at the Black Sea. In front of the main entrance there is a unique bronze sculpture. Some people say it has some symbolic meaning, some people say it doesn’t. You need to discover it by yourself…sea-329811_640

If you fly from Warsaw Vilnius is an extremely convenient destination, as there are many direct flights that don’t take long.  Furthermore, list of tourists attractions in Vilnius is almost endless. There are many interesting museum, for example National Museum of Lithuania, Amber Museum Gallery or Museum of Genocide Victims. Those tourists, who are interested in history, should definitely visit so called ‘small ghetto’ – streets which were included as part of the medieval Jewish quarter. However, the city is not only about the history. For example, you can visit the Television Tower and take a lift to the observation platform.  Watching the view from one of the tallest buildings in Eastern Europe will be an amazing experience.  There are many places that serve extremely tasty local cuisine and modern pubs.  Check tickets from Warsaw Vilnius today as you can be sure that you will simply fall in love with his capital city!

June 22nd, 2016 by