Travel by plane in most comfortable way


Within last decade in Poland a lot more people were travelling by plane, not only to European countries, but also to another continents. It was possible because of the cheap airline carriers, which are still offering flights in very reasonable price. If you are planning your first trip on board you have to organize yourself well, to have nice and cheap trip.

How to look for tickets?

SkyEuropean connections are not expensive at all, you can find very best deals on flights. However, you can even save a lot of money if you decide to travel to another continent. Nowadays Polish tourists like to visit United Sates, if you like one of those people, you have an option to spare a lot of money. If you like to travelling by plane to New York you can even find connection directly from Warsaw. However, flight from Prague or Berlin will be a lot cheaper. And what if we decide to go to Los Angeles or Miami? Also you should land in NYC and then take a domestic flight which is very cheap in the States. Thanks to that option you will be able to spend several days in Big Apple and then move to another destination.

Before the flight

First think you need to do if you are about to visit US, is to get travel visa. Polish citizens need to have this document if they like to spend holidays in this country. Unfortunately not every one is getting it, that is why you should take care of that before you buy plane ticket. First of all you have to make appointment in embassy in United States, it is localized in Warsaw and Cracow. You have to meet with the consul face to face, it will take some weeks to wait for your turn. Consul will ask you several questions about your life and career, and if you are not former criminal, you have a big chance to get the visa.

Prepare for a flight

Travelling by plane to the United States is taking at least twelve hours. It is very long journey, sometimes dangerous for some of passengers. During the long trip travellers are not moving at all, which is very bad for their veins – it may appear some blood cloths in there. If you like to avoid this dangerous situation you have to fallow those few steps. First of all try to take a longer walk or even jogging just before the flight. It will help to speed up your blood circling for sure. Also remember to take a walk on board, not less then once for three hours. Another aspect of international flight is boredom. Remember to pack into your back any interesting book or magazine.

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