Holiday in Budapest

Budapest is the perfect choice for those who want to leave for a short time and have a relatively small budget, but one weekend on his knowledge is too little. City amaze a lot of historic buildings, well the utilized the banks of the Danube or the mass of cultural attractions and entertainment. You will find charming squares, fountains, monuments. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes and shops with local products. The beauty of the city is the best at night, when illuminated monuments create an amazing atmosphere.

I do not know if you know but the capital of Hungary is divided into two parts – Buda and Pest, and the border between them determines the Danube. Buda is higher, on the Buda Hills and on the other side of the river, on the flat stretches of Pest. Both parts offer many attractions and places worth visiting by tourists. Here’s what to see:

I suggest you start exploring from walking from Pest to Buda by one of the greatest bridges over the Danube – Chain Bridge. From the bridge, you can go down to the island of St. Margaret, which is also worth seeing. With the queue Siklo tourists and residents can get to the Castle Hill. In the district of the Castle you can stroll among the narrow, picturesque streets. Buildings Castle Hill is a mix of eras – you can see the remains of a medieval settlement, fragments of baroque seventeenth-century buildings, and the nineteenth-century architecture. The greatest interest of tourists enjoying the episode, however, between the Royal Palace and the Matthias Church.
It is amazing that Budavari Palota – royal palace was built on Castle Hill, was three times demolished and built anew between the thirteenth and twentieth centuries. Today in the palace is the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest History Museum and the National Library. The whole complex of royal buildings, along with the entire Castle Hill, are on the UNESCO list.

Next to Matthias Church is a Tower fishing, with a panoramic view on the Pest side. The place is considered one of the most scenic spots of Budapest, outside Mount Gellert. Thanks to this location you’ll see in how beautiful place you are.

In Buda is another vantage point – GellĂ©rt Hill. At the top is the citadel, which offers an amazing view of both banks of the Danube. Upstairs, in 1947, they built the 14-foot Statue of Liberty, which is a symbol of the liberation of Hungary.

This is only a small part of Budapest, which is able to impress all those who, instead of lying on the beach and resting prefer long hikes and learning architecture.

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