Falling in love in Brussels or rather make a deal?


Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the millionth city. The city is not only important for Belgium. For the whole of Europe the city is important, because here are the seat of the most important institutions of the European Union. The city is divided into two part: upper and lower. In the lower part of Brussels live workers and immigrants, and at the top are the European Union institutions.

The city does not really stand a good weather, but those who are curious about the history and rich culture of the city, the weather will not spoil the trip, but the weather usually rainy, wet, winter snows and cold weather there is no. Therefore, choosing the city, keep in mind that heat will not be here. In this city, you can easily communicate in German, Dutch, French, English. A trip to Brussels should not cause difficulties. During a business trip we will be able to enjoy many aspects of life in Brussels. First of all, in his spare time, we can explore the local attractions. The biggest symbol of Brussels is a fountain “pissing boy”. You definitely need to visit the town square of the Grand Palace. Having 68110 meters high surface is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique historical object.


Tourists are attracted amusement park “Mini Europe”, which is shown minimized copy of Europe. Very impressive is the fifth largest church in Europe – the basilica of St. Heart, fascinating not only its architecture but also the size. Besides, we can also relax in one of the many parks and public gardens. There are also alternative ways of spending time. In addition to historical monuments in Brussels is a modern skyscrapers. Mainly around the area of the EU and around the Gare du Nord, or North Station.

The authorities for the sake of the image of the capital and to reduce crime they decided to close this poor district, disperse immigrants. Part of houses demolished and was built government offices and the headquarters of large companies. The result is a district of beautiful glass buildings – skyscrapers. It extends on one side of the train and tracks. Pass under the viaduct and beautiful world of metal, glass and steel ends. On the other side is the famous red light district. After hours, you can also go out for a meal. Be sure to try the Belgian chocolate, waffles and beer. In the central part of the Arkady shopping there are dozens of caf├ęs to bake wafers with different flavors and additives. Waffles are so tasty that you will not need another breakfast.can be a lot more pleasant than just view of a laptop all day.

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