An idea for holidays


At the beginning of spring, most of as are making plans for summertime. There are a lot of options available, especially since we have cheap airline companies on the market. We can get to another city in Poland, fly to one of the capitals in Europe, or even go for long distance trip to another continent. Year after year those options are getting cheaper, a lot of us can afford even holidays to Thailand. But which idea is the best for you? Another plans will have family with kids, single woman or couple in love. Here are some worth to be seen.

Big metropolis
atc-tower-190939_640From most of biggest airports in Poland, we are able to travel to capitals of Europe. There are plenty of it, most of them are spectacular, but in the different kind of way. The most obvious will be Paris – for Americans heart of the Europe. You may think, that this city is overrated, but this is untruth. Eiffel Tower looks really gorgeous when you are able to watch it on your own eyes – it in not black at all, but light brown, looks like on vintage pictures. You need to go at least at the second floor – the panorama is amazing! Even if you are not an art lover, you must visit one of the galleries – maybe not Louvre, it is too crowded. Good idea will be d”Orsay Museum. You will find there a lot interesting pieces of art, that even some laymen will known – like Manet’s Breakfast on the Grass. Another spectacular capital will be Rome. The urban panorama lives in here side by side with ancient history. You will be able to admire a ruins of Roman Empire – it looks amazing, especially at night, with gorgeous illumination. On the other hand, this city is located next to the seashore, so you may lay on the beach all day getting tan.


Long distance flight
There are a lot of opportunities to see another continents if you like, most of the flights are available from the Berlin. You may visit Thailand – very popular lately. Maybe tickets for airplane are expensive, but cost of living in there are very low, so with couple hundreds of dollars, you will be very rich there. it is great opportunity to explore another, totally different culture. You may admire nice pieces of spectacular, wooden architecture, eat some exotic food, and have fun. Another option are United States. You may flight from Warsaw to New York, and then get some domestic flights all around the country – it is not expensive. Maybe it is modern land, but they culture is very different then European. You will see it on your own eyes.


There are plenty of ideas for holiday, all depend on what you are looking for. Some like to visit famous monuments, someone else lay on the beach all day long. Or maybe you prefer to explore totally different culture? Just book the flight to another continent.

May 11th, 2016 by