Amazing Barcelona for future holidays

Barcelona - panorama

Spain is one of the most popular, travel destination in entire Europe. Each year plenty of different travellers are visiting this country, because of the wonderful weather and beautiful monuments. Probably the most popular city in |Spain is Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. If you are planning future holiday in there you have to know, which attractions are worth to be seen in there.

Antonio Gaudi

BarcelonaThis city is mostly known of amazing buildings designed by Antonio Gaudi. This talented artists invented entire different style, which is mix of Catalan and Gothic design. The most important object in Barcelona is Sagrada Familia cathedral, still unfinished. Another, nice object is Casa Mila, a mansion in shape of sea waves. It exterior walls are covered with shells and stones, it looks very amazing. The impact of Gaudi could also be noticed at the Las Ramblas, the longest street in the Barcelona. You will find in there plenty of glassy and stone elements, typical for this architect.


But not only Antonio Gaudi is a reason of beautiful view of Barcelona. Within last, several centuries many of different objects were constructed. If you like to see some interesting example of sacral architecture, do not miss the Saint Eulalia cathedral. It is amazing, Gothic temple with interesting interior design. While being in Barcelona you can also take a trip to the Monserrat. It is old, medieval complex of cloister buildings, founded in the medieval times. it is situated at the top of the mountain, just outside the Barcelona. Even road to the Monserrat is great, you can admire amazing panorama from the hills. If you like to feel like in the middle of Medieval times, you have to take a tour to the Bari Gotic. It is old, Gothic district of Barcelona, filled with narrow, covered with stones streets, and lovely, colourful mansions. If you like to be in the centre of events you can go to the Catalan Place. After the dark, each evening you will admire in there amazing show of lasers and fountains.

Another attractions

But not only architecture is worth to be seen in Barcelona. If you are admirer of art you have to visit the Museum Picasso, one of the biggest exhibition of this talented painter in the entire world. Another great idea is to visit Palace of Catalan Music. You will learn in there all about flamenco, national dance and see interesting examples of music instruments. People who like to admire a sea life should go to the local Oceanarium.

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