The charming holidays in Vilnius

Rest in the city can be very successful rest, provided you carefully select a right city. Well, that was a city of history and tradition. It must retain the monuments, culture, interesting places to see and visit. It needs something to attract potential tourists themselves.

This kind of city is undoubtedly Vilnius. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and the city, whose history is very rich and interesting. Vilnius, which today is the capital of the average European country, in history was the seat of kings, after the United Kingdom Polish and Lithuanian, and therefore the state, which was the true economic power and cultural activities in the European arena.

The first mention of Vilnius, dates back to the fourteenth century, which means that it is a very old city. From the Middle Ages, but not much has been preserved, but they are for numerous other monuments. You can visit the buildings of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Modernist. By this it is a very diverse and charming city.

The rich architecture attracts attention, arouses interest and tends to contemplate the remarkable buildings. It is also a kind of contact with history, which can not be underestimated.



In terms of climate, it is a city with a temperate climate. The lowest temperatures fall in January and February, and dates to about -10 °. And the highest reach 22 ° and are achieved in July. They are not neither too low nor too high temperatures, so you can safely go to Vilnius at any month of the year and feel great.

While in Vilnius, you can not miss seeing the sights, of which the city is famous, because they are simply unique. And what are the possibilities of Vilnius? Begin from Vilnius palaces. You can visit the Presidential Palace, the Palace of Chodkiewich, Trakai Castle and the Lower Castle, although these are only some of the available in the city. Each, however, has a completely different climate, a different look and a different character and visit one, I do not suggest that you will see the same in the second.

You can also see Vilnius churches. Particularly noteworthy here Cathedral Basilica, Church of Sts. Nicholas, the Church of Sts. Anne. They are surprising, unusual and breathtaking. These are mainly Gothic churches and the soaring vaults really make a big impression. If you forget them while in Vilnius, it is a huge loss.The city is very large, but it is also very friendly. This way you can enjoy a very good feel to find. Walking is pleasant and nice. The city also provides a wide range of accommodation.

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